Become our reseller get a complete sms website of your own ( installed with our robust program that makes it possible for you to sell sms, manage your members, get orders, approve purchases, view transactions, have your own facebook application, generate vouchers to sell as recharge cards, online payment e.t.c.

The set up fee for a reseller covers both the domain and web hosting for 1 year and the price is highly subsidized compared to the benefits attached.

  • An advanced, fully customizable & Powerful SMS Portal WebSite
  • SMS Prices as Low as N0.80 per SMS (so you can make MEGA PROFITS)
  • 1000 Free SMS Units to market Your Service to Prospective Customers
  • A Voucher Generation System to enable you Sell your units as Recharge Cards
  • You can use any SMS Gateway On your Site(buy from Anywhere you want to)
  • State of the Art Facebook Application to enable you and Your customers send SMS Directly from Facebook without logging out
  • Free WebMail Addresses ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to make your business look more professional
  • Free Domain Name and Hosting for a year
  • You can have as many resellers as You want that would buy From Your Own Website
  • Dedicated and Very Helpful After-Sales Support - We would take you by the Hand, even if you just know haw to click your Mouse and Turn you into a Guru in managing Your Business
  • Online payment option
  • Exclusive web design
  • and many more

Some Statistics

  1. Over 10 Billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians in Every year.

  2. Many Nigerians are moving from phone messaging to bulk SMS especially small businesses as this is Cheaper for them

  3. With the Reforms in the telecom Industry in Nigeria, More than 40 million Nigerians use GSM phones and the number increases at an alarming rate daily

  4. The average Nigerian sends about 5 sms per day. Calculating That (with conservative estimates) if half of the 40million Nigerians mentioned above send just two SMS per day at N5.00, That would be 20,000,000 x N5 * 2= N200,000,000!! (Two Hundred Million Naira per day!!) which equals over 6 billion Naira per month

I can almost hear the engines in your brain moving frantically trying to process the figures above, but the question Now is,


Right now- As you read, there are thousands of Individuals planning weddings and other events and an appreciable number of businesses looking for a cheaper but more effective way to advertise their services

Apart from that, there are so many Individuals who have access to the internet and are sick of spending N4 per text on their phones


If you do not always P.O.O.R (Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly), you would realize by now that there is a VERY YAWNING gap to be filled in providers of this service!!

For So many Years Now, the Bulk SMS Business has been owned and Run by a privileged few who closely hoarded the secrets of starting up and placed so many obstacles to entry for Newcomers. The Few who allowed others to come into the business set up highly restrictive reseller systems where everything was practically owned by the company and clients where hardly given a say on management and operation of their websites

But all that is about to come to and end right now:

It used to be just N15,000, Its now N12,000 for the first 10 people

As a reseller, you can get sms for as low as N0.85k/sms and you can sell as much as N1.50k per sms. All you have to do is make the payment and in one week, you will have your Bulk sms website up and running. We will do all the job and teach you how to go about it.


Features of Our SMS Portal

  • reseller price as low as 0.80 per unit(We let resellers buy as little as 1000 units)! You can sell at N2 or more and make wild profits
  • 1000 Free units to start with
  • A very customizable website using your logo, pictures and any color combination of your choice with thousands of free themes to choose from.
  • Free Customized Email addresses to add to your professional image ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
  • A simple to use administration system which lets you: Change pictures, edit your pages and information, edit your prices, manage your users,

More Features:-

  • Assign free sms to new users
  • Free domain registration and Hosting for the first year(worth N5000)
  • A robust and fully functioning voucher Generation system (Yes, You can start selling your SMS units as recharge cards with our New System
  • Setup in less than 1 week – No stories – Just count from the moment you get a text saying we confirmed your payment.
  • Strong and dedicated after-sales support – This is what we are known for!! We are very eager to help you through every step of setting up and running your new business..

And Yet More Features (Yes, we know, you are getting extreme value for your Money)

  • · Members can check the phonebook records from their facebook without visiting your site
  • · Set/change SMS API Gateway URL to any provider (You are free to use any bulk sms provider if you do not want to buy from us) we would even integrate for free for you
  • · You'll get your own SMS Api to Give to your own customers and resellers (Yes, you can have resellers under you with their own websites).
  • Export all phone numbers that have ever received sms from you portal and your resellers in one click

Ok, a few more Features (You’d find a lot more we haven’t mentioned when You start using your portal)

  • You'll get SMS2WEB for your members to send sms from their phone without internet connection
  • You can view of all sms messages sent by members, resellers or through api
  • An invoice for Your purchase- This is printable hard-copy evidence from us that you had a transaction with us
  • Marketing Proposals to give to businesses- We wouldn’t just give you a site and leave you stranded, You would get Marketing Proposals which can be easily edited and used to promote your business

For more details on becoming a reseller, send a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 07032623818 or 08154079840